23 acres

It’s an L shaped block, about half bush, that backs onto more bush, and half rough cleared pasture. It’s sloping… by which we mean steep. But manageable, with flatter sections, a winter gully in the centre and beautiful open northerly aspects that get plenty of sun, even on the shortest day.
The centre of the block sits at about 250m above sea level, so we’re also reasonably elevated. This is good because the Huon Valley can we shrouded in thick fog that won’t burn off until late in the day, if at all, and we are mostly above this therefore letting a bit more sun through in the mornings. We also get pretty fantastic views of the mountains to the north like the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ range and we can see Mt Wellington/Kunanyi  from the western edge of the property.
There are some downsides, but we figured the ups out weighed them. It is colder than lower down, I’ve heard further down the Huon river near Wattle Grove is positively balmy compared to up here. We have had snow fall and settle a few times last winter – it does melt quickly but enough to slide over on a snowboard (this is also a plus, obviously!).

In terms of the block an important reason we took the plunge was the existing facilities. It has a formed driveway, huge Colorbond shed, mains power recently connected underground (yay! no powerlines!!) and the big one: a levelled house site. These excavation works, power and shed have easily saved us about $80k. While mains power wasn’t a must it does take the pressure off needing to have a solar set up and those costs right away. The shed, a good 6m x 14m whopper is fantastic dry storage for all our belongings we boxed up from the mainland and another huge draw card of the property – building timber. We’ll talk more about that later.

So, with all this space what do you build? The options are infinite…


beautiful old blue gums, stringy bark and many other Tasmanian vegetation cover the property
the block from the top boundary, showing the cleared pasture, shed and ramshackle shack. note the snow covered peaks.
winter green



One thought on “23 acres

  1. Wow thanks guys this is a great idea! Looking forward to seeing more photos as you go 😃 Cheers Sandy & Mark


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