real estate

We visited Tasmania in February ’15 with the aim of sussing the place out to confirm or dismiss our desire to move here. Needless to say we liked it, just a bit.
During that visit we looked a a few properties, just to get our heads around the areas, and help narrow down what we liked and didn’t like about certain locations, block sizes and things to keep an eye out for. We weren’t serious, didn’t have pre-approval from a bank and still a bit unsure but it was a good starting point after looking at internet listings for a long time. We think this also helped get a better judge of what property was worth, areas that seemed to be increasing and others that were not, giving insight into the reasons why and the surrounding community.

We visited our block on that trip, it wasn’t on our list but the agent did a drive by to show it to us (the hard sell). We really liked it but it was priced above our limit, so we kept looking.

In May ’15 we moved to Hobart thanks to a lovely couple who after meeting us for a few days decided to leave their house and possessions in our hands while they escaped to warmer climate and returned to visit family in the UK. 3 months of house sitting turned into a year and a half. This luck and generous trust given to us afforded us some time to look at property in earnest while also saving a decent amount as we were both working full time in Hobart.

This also meant we were looking at property in winter – we can’t stress enough the importance of this when you’re thinking of living in the most southern region of Australia at 43º south, in a undulating terrain. Some properties were dark at 2pm. Some so cold and wet, damp and dank. One was like a moor, on a tightly winding long dirt road that would be a nightmare in the depths of a frosty winter.

So we started chasing that northern aspect.

The 50min radius from Hobart was dictated by MONEY. Not money as such but employment, income and also ammenities. Hobart is a small city but realistically one or both of us would be working there in our lifetime and cutting down the commute, while still living rurally was the key. We kept coming back to the Huon Valley – it’s beautiful, has a large hub which is Huonville for basic needs and more of a sense of community than other areas we looked at. It also gets decent rainfall (don’t let Tassie fool you, some areas can be in rain shadows caused by geography – Hobart is the second driest capital after Adelaide) and is 35min drive from Hobart on a decent main road that still provides some interest and beauty to make the commute more enjoyable.

To cut a long story short that 23acre block in Glen Huon we visit in February was back on the market, under a different agent and with a reduced price tag. We met with the agent, got caught up in all the stuff that goes with that and made an offer. We thought “fuck it, why not?!”

petrified and exhilarated

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