footings, financial incentives & forever waiting

Currently there is a government funded First Home Builders grant given to any new home that will be your primary residence for first home buyers. A great incentive, it was $30k but is being periodically reduced each financial year, currently it stands at $20k – a very handy little packet should you satisfy the list of requirements to qualify. However, this grant is reducing to $10k from the 1st of July this year, so to try and get the $20k we have to have our foundations in by the end of financial year – the higher amount would be a handy little pile to help finish things off & possibly go towards a solar set up.

Most of the recent delays have been due to the engineer – they have had our plans for months and way back in November we signed on with them. Fast forward to February and nothing had happened but all relevant parties assured us there was plenty of time to meet the deadline. Weeks ticked by and we’re now getting so close to the deadline the process is inducing a high level of stress and anger from us. Countless phone calls, hounding emails and our architect handing the engineer everything on a silver platter we’re finally getting close…
While we wait for these last few things and the engineer to get his shit together so we can submit to council we’re now as much as we can to get the ball rolling such as setting out and levelling some sections with a small digger.

Marking out the building envelope with string lines and marking spray we’ve got the position of the house ready to go. From here we have marked the footing trenches and piles from the engineers specifications. At the back mudroom wing of the house the ground level was a bit high so we needed to remove a layer so the house can sit as low to the hill. The master bedroom wing will protrude quite high as the ground drops away so we wanted the back of the house to be as low as possible without being raised to clear the existing undulation.

We hired a small 1.6 ton digger and Steve was in his element – childhood dream accomplished.

We’ll have to hire it again to finish the footings once all council and building surveyor boxes have been ticked, but fingers crossed this little bit of early work will allow us to get the footings poured by 30th June… we’re cutting it pretty fine.



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