decking out

The rafters and roofing battens are nearly complete! Well… apart from the problem wall. There is always one, isn’t there. Slightly out of plumb it’ll need some straightening before we can call it done. Oh and a few dozen strapping tie-downs to finish off too. Roofing is ordered and delivery imminent!


We had mate and builder Aron out again for a couple of days work to get the bulk of the deck framing done. Always a pleasure as little nuggets of suggestions, know-how and general chatting are the norm – he cracked on and got the majority of the work done.
Stumps were attached to the stirrups already fixed into the concrete from when we poured foundations – levelled and plumb it was then onto the deck bearers. One bearer is an edge bearer attached to the bricks to hold the joists nice and close to the house. After a bit of thinking supporting ‘stumps’ were attached to the walls with threaded rod going through to the other side, this bearer is also then bolted into the house bearers for extra stability. Joists on, blocking in between and all that’s left is to decide where to trim these joists off and attach an edge joist. With all the decking and cladding ordered and almost ready to make its way across the Strait it won’t be long until we’re sipping cocktails in the sun… right?

So, just a few things to finish off before the first building surveyor inspection! Wish us luck!


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