keep on keepin’ on… cladding

Once the doors and windows on the southern side were in and flashed all the battens could then put up, using the straight edge to make sure they were all even and level to the cladding wouldn’t undulate and be a flat surface.


The first curved battens we made up by cutting some of the pine batten timber into strips that could be laminated with glue and bent into the curve. It ended up working really well though was hard work getting the timber to take the form and then screw it in place without it moving around lots.

Battens bent around the curve. The black tape joins sheets of the wrap where they overlap, the green dots are fasteners that stop the wrap ripping before the cladding goes up.

The individual cladding boards are either full length from gutter down or have a join somewhere. This means we can use random lengths on the cladding, some builds would desire set lengths so there would be no joins but that is purely an aesthetic choice, providing the joins are over a batten. Looking at the manufacturers specs we’ve been cutting the joins on a 45 degree angle so the top overlaps the bottom and being sure to oil any cut ends as we go. The joins ave been turning out well and are barely noticeable if it wasn;t for difference in the timber colour or grain.

Around the doors and windows it’s a gamble as to how the boards will be meeting them in the run – some have had to be notched out around the window frame and where some have needed a thin board to fill the gap we have glued it to the next to secure it in place as it is too thin to screw.

For the boards that go over the windows and doors we have also cut them on an angle to aid in water dripping off the external face – 35 degrees sits nicely with the flashing.

window flashing before cladding goes on – ends neatly bent over and tucked under the wrap to provide overlapping layers.
Flashing over the window neatly meeting cladding
bottom of the windows – a rubber flashing strip, meeting the cladding

Around this wide curve the board have no problem going on.

Tightly meeting the bottom of the guttering, a bathroom vent and down pipe nicely nestled in. Still the bottom to trim off, but that can wait.
That gutter didn’t turn out so bad after all.
Getting there as showers drift across the valley.

With these sides clad we’re moving on to the middle of the Y shape, the tightest curve and the highest sections.

Another section wrapped!
Another three windows in. Left to right: main bedroom, ensuite & mudroom/laundry.

Almost all the battens are done on this next section – just a few top ones once final gutter will go up on the bedroom wing as well as the curved ones. We’re making up a jig to bend and glue pieces of ply into this radius as it is quite tight. This section also might be the limit of our ladders, around the corner will require some scaffold to make it faster and safer.

Meanwhile the rain is coming down, snow is on the surrounding peaks and with the fire on we are working on electrical and plumbing plans ready for the rough ins when the building is weather tight.

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 4.03.48 PM
Blue = light switches Red = power points plus roughly figuring out external lighting and internal feature lighting.



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